Solutions For Environmental Monitoring In The Mining Industry

ARL has a solution for all your environmental monitoring needs throughout the mining industry including permanent noise monitoring system installations, personal noise exposure monitoring, vibration monitoring and noise logging kits.

Environmental Noise Compass™

Environmental Noise Compass™ (ENC) combines sound level meter functionality with advanced beam forming techniques to provide directional environmental noise monitoring based on the requirements of the mining industry. The Environmental Noise Compass™ comprises of a microphone array which feeds into a data acquisition box, through to a local processing unit using a high speed digital link where data is interpreted, processed and stored to the SQL database. The SQL database can be accessed remotely to view the stored data and the output can be manipulated to the users needs, making the navigation and collection of the stored data a straight forward process.

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The Ngara™ Real Time Sound Acquisition System is capable of storing high quality, high resolution audio waveform files that can be processed by the Firefly software to extract a large range of customisable data.

Firefly allows the Ngara™ to become a 1/1 and 1/3 octave analyser by extracting octave band data from recorded waveform files as well as displaying level over time graphs for all every statistical interval the Ngara™ system is capable of producing.

For remote situations or where access is difficult or dangerous the Ngara can be set up with a 3G modem to enable the system to connect wirelessly to the internet. This allows control from any location and remote download of recorded session data.

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Rion NA-28

The New NA-28 is the top of the Rion range of sound level meters and analysers. This meter is capable of simultaneous measurement and display of 1/1 and 1/3 octaves and with a single keystroke can be switched between Sound Level Meter and Octaves Analyser display.

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Rion NL Series Logging Kit

Using the NL-42/52 and 62 in ARL's NL Series Logging Kit gives user the versatility of a having a fully functional weatherproof environmental noise logger that also functions as a hand-held sound level meter when logging isn't being conducted. The NL Series Logging Kit can be purchased with an 100W solar panel to allow for remote logging with a much longer operating time.

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