Rion NA-28

Rion's Flagship Class 1 Real-time Octave Analyser

Rion’s priorities for on-site measurements are speed, ease of use, quality and reliability.The New NA-28 is the top of the Rion range of sound level meters and analysers. It combines cutting edge technology with excellent quality and unrivalled ease of use.

Key features include:

  • Ease of use – main functions on dedicated, backlit keys
  • Superb high-contrast backlit TFT-LCD colour display
  • Simultaneous measurement and display of 1/1 and 1/3 octaves
  • One keystroke to switch between sound level meter and analyser display
  • Massive storage capacity using text files stored to Compact Flash memory cards (up to 2GB)
  • Flexible and simple PC connectivity (CF card and USB Virtual Disk)
  • 16 Hours of battery life with 4 alkaline 'C' cell batteries

Items Included with Purchase

  • 1x Rion NA-28 Real-time Octave Analyser
  • 1x 256MB Compact Flash Card
  • 4x Alkaline C cell Batteries
  • 1x Microphone Windshield
  • 1x Wrist Strap
  • 1x Soft carry case
  • 1x AC Adaptor (NC-94A)
  • 1x BNC to RCA cable (CC-24)

Optional Software/Functions

NX-28WR The NX-28WR allows the NA-28 to record audio waveforms during regular level logging as well as frequency analysis. This allows the user to listen to specific events that occurred during the course of the measurement as well as use Rion's audio post processing software package AS-70.

NX-28FT This program card adds FFT analysis capability to NA-28, with an analysis frequency range of 20kHz and 8000 analysis lines.

NX-28BA This program card is used for simple and easy measurement of airborne and floor impact sound insulation of buildings and reverberation time. Data is stored as text files. When used in conjunction with with waveform recording card NX-28WR, audio waveforms can be recorded during the reverberation time measurement.

The NA-28 is available for hire from ARL Click Here to enquire!

Applicable Standards

  • IEC 61672-1:2002 Class 1
  • IEC 61260:1995 Class 1
  • ANSI S1.4-1983 Type 1
  • ANSI S1.43-1997 Type 1
  • ANSI S1.11-2004 Class 1
  • JIS C 1509-1:2005 Class 1
  • JIS C 1513:2002 Class 1
  • JIS C 1514:2002 Class 1