A Real Time Sound Acquisition System with Post Processing Capabilities

The Ngara™ Real Time Sound Acquisition System offers full measurement flexibility by recording data in a format that allows any combination of frequency weightings (A or C) and statistical intervals to be retrieved after the measurement is completed rather than specifying the required output prior to starting the measurement.

The Ngara™ can output the following values at in either Fast or Slow time weighting:

  • Equivalent continuous SPL: Leq
  • Short term equivalent continuous SPL: short Leq
  • Maximum SPL: Lmax
  • Minimum SPL: Lmin
  • Percentile sound levels: Ln (1% to 99%, Max 8 values)

"...capable of storing high quality, high resolution audio..."

The Ngara™ Real Time Sound Acquisition System is capable of storing high quality, high resolution audio waveform files that can be processed by Firefly to extract a large range of customisable data.

Firefly allows the Ngara™ to become a 1/1 and 1/3 octave analyser by extracting octave band data from recorded waveform files as well as displaying level over time graphs for all every statistical interval the Ngara™ system is capable of producing.

In Industrial Noise Monitor mode the Ngara is able to produce band pass filtered results as well as all pass filtered results

Find out more about Firefly Here

Additional Features

Additional to recording sound level data, the Ngara™ Real Time Sound Acquisition System is capable of the following auxiliary functions:

  • Recording temperature and battery level information
  • Programmable power on and off timer
  • Synchronising the internal clock with internet time servers via SNTP
  • Level and time triggerable recording on a range of customisable parameters
  • Level and time triggered power/voltage output
  • Remote recorded data transfer via FTP
  • Automatic email alerts triggered on a range of customisable parameters
  • 12V Auxiliary Power output allowing you to power 12V equipment (up to 1A) using Ngara™

Items Included with Purchase

  • 1x Ngara™ Real Time Sound Acquisition System
  • 1x 64GB USB flash drive
  • 1x Ngara™ battery power cable
  • 1x Rugged Explorer Case with custom foam insert
  • 1x 4 Piece collapsible microphone post

Optional Extras

12V 26Ah SLA Battery

The Ngara™ system can be purchased with a 12 Volt 26 Amp-Hour Sealed Lead-Acid Battery. The battery is rated for up to 10 days of continuous logging.

80W Solar Panel

The Ngara™ system can be purchased with an 80W solar panel to allow for remote logging with a much longer operating time. The Solar Panel option is often used in conjunction with the 3G Modem to implement a long term logging system that can be controlled remotely from anywhere with internet access.

3G Modem

The 3G modem allows the Ngara™ system to connect wirelessly to the internet at any location with 3G mobile coverage. This option allows the Ngara™ to be controlled from any location as well as allowing the user to remotely download recorded session data. (Note: The 3G Modem Option does not include a SIM card)

Push Button Trigger

The Push Button Trigger allows the user to trigger the recording of audio waveform data with the push of a button.

AC Output

The AC output option affixes a 3.5mm audio jack to the Ngara™ system that serves as an output for the audio recorded by the microphone.

Noise Cloud™

Ngara can work in conjunction with ARL's new service Noise Cloud™ to allow for remote logging directly to a cloud-based server where data from multiple noise loggers can be stored, viewed and downloaded.

Find out more about Noise Cloud™ Here

Ngara™ is available for hire from ARL Click Here to enquire!

Applicable Standards

  • IEC 61672-1:2013 ed2 Class 1
  • IEC 60651 (AS 1259.1:1990) Type 1
  • IEC 60804 (AS 1259.2:1990) Type 1
  • CISPR 22 Class A