Rion VM-82A

Portable and Easy to Use Vibration Meter

The Rion VM-82A is a hand-held Vibration Meter capable of storing up to 1000 measurements from Acceleration, Velocity and Displacement.

The unit's backlit LCD display is capable of showing battery status, overload indications, vibration level in a bar graph as well as indication characteristic levels RMS, EQ PEAK and EQ Peak-Peak.

The VM-82A also supports using a wide range of Rion accelerometers, allowing the VM-82A to measure a wide range of vibration data depending on the accelerometer used allowing the user to customise the VM-82A to their requirements.

The VM-82A is capable of operating for up to 24 hours on a set of batteries, rechargeable Ni-MH batteries are supported as well.

The Rion VM-82 is capable of the following:

  • Measuring Vibration Acceleration, Velocity and Displacement
  • Acceleration sensitivity range of 0.02 to 200 m/s²
  • Velocity sensitivity range of 0.3 to 1000 mm/s
  • Displacement sensitivity range of 0.001 to 100 mm
  • Weighted AC and DC level output

Items Included with Purchase

  • 1x Rion VM-82A Vibration Meter
  • 1x Piezoelectric Accelerometer (PV-57I) with Magnetic Mount
  • 1x Curled Accelerometer Connection Cable (VP-51KI)
  • 2x M6 Mounting Screw
  • 4x Alkaline AA cell batteries