4-Channel Signal Analyzer SA-02A4

Record any Electrical Waveform on 4 Different Channels

Provides both functions of FFT analysis (Fast Fourier-Transform Analysis) and octave, 1/3 octave, 1/12 octave band analysis.

  • 4-channel fixed (compact size)
  • Allows high frequency analysis in multiple channels
  • Direct sensor connection (TEDS compliant)
  • Easy operation
  • Standard software is supplied with the unit. (Sensors and PC: option)
  • Various additional analysis software available


The products consist of the hardware (main unit) comprising the input section and signal processing section, and dedicated software (optional) to be installed on a generic computer. The main unit and the computer are connected via an Ethernet link.

The main unit is equipped with a DSP chip for high-speed signal processing, which allows not only FFT analysis but also multi-channel 1/N octave band analysis in real time. Simultaneous FFT analysis and 1/N octave band analysis are also possible.

Time waveform data can be stored in the memory of the computer, offering the capability to perform more detailed offline analysis later.

An optional signal output unit can be installed, for measurement scenarios where an output signal is required. An input for a rotary pulse signal is also available, with optional software that allows tracking analysis.

Software SA-02 BASE

The computer software SA-02 BASE is a dedicated software application (option) for the Multi-Channel Signal Analyzer SA-02 series.

The software works by sending commands to the hardware. It can be used to control signal processing, perform setup, collect data after signal processing, perform FFT analysis, carry out further processing of analysis results, display data, and more. The software supports both the SA-02M and the SA-02A4. The software has the following features.

  • Real-time FFT analysis and 1/N octave band analysis The software can carry out FFT analysis, 1/1 octave band analysis, 1/3 octave band analysis, or 1/12 octave band analysis in real time.

  • Time waveform data recording and playback for offline analysis Time waveform data can be recorded (in internal memory and stored as data files). While playing back recorded data later, FFT and 1/N octave band analysis can be carried out simultaneously.

  • Various processing functions Average processing and maximum value processing can be carried out. During FFT analysis, transfer function, auto-correlation, cross-correlation, amplitude probability density and other functions are available. During 1/N octave band analysis, frequency weighting of analysis results is possible.

  • Data file management Analysis results can be saved as data files, and saved files can be loaded again later

  • Automated measurement using trigger signals Measurement, recording, analysis, processing, auto store and other functions can be started automatically using a trigger.