Pulsar Model 22 doseBadge

Compact, Robust and Lightweight Personal Noise Dosimetry

The dose badge is the perfect solution for measuring daily personal noise exposure of an individual or group. The doseBadge mounts comfortably on the worker's shoulder with the included strap or to their helmet with the optional mount. The dosimeter communicates via infra-red with the Reader Unit which is used to program, calibrate, start/stop, download and store recorded data from each of the doseBadge units.

"...included dBLink3 software package..."

The included dBLink3 software package allows for fast data analyse and allows informative reports to be generated, greatly simplifying a potentially complex and time consuming process.


  • Small size and light weight
  • No cables or controls, reducing the risk of damage or misuse
  • Provides the parameters essential for Occupational Noise Monitoring
  • Time history data allows identification of when key noise problems occur throughout a workers shift.
  • "Shake-to-Wake" function to extend battery life
  • Rechargeable Nickel Metal Hydride (NIMH) battery

The doseBadge system can be purchased as a bundle containing 1, 2, 5 or 10 doseBadges that also includes supporting accessories.

Items Included with Purchase

  • 1/2/5/10x Model 22 doseBadge(s) with fixing mounts
  • 1x doesBadge Reader Unit (Model 22-R) with integral acoustic calibrator
  • 1x doseBadge Charger Unit (CHR20-xD, where x = 2, 5 or 10)
  • 1x Hard Attaché Case
  • 1x Power supply
  • 1x dBLink download, analysis and reporting software
  • 1x USB download cable

Optional Extras

RK1 Keyfob remote control

The Keyfob remote control allows the doseBadge to be started and stopped without the need of the 22-R Reader Unit.

WS22 Windshield for doseBadge

The WS22 Windshield provides the Model 22 doseBadge with protection from dust, moisture and other contaminants. Noise generated by 'spurious' events can also be reduced with the addition of this windshield.

Applicable Standards

Model 22 doseBadge

  • IEC 61252:1993 Personal Sound Exposure Meters
  • ANSI S1.25:1991 Personal Noise Dosemeters

Model 22-R Reader Unit

  • IEC 60942:2001 Class 2 International Acoustic Calibrator