Rion VM-83

General-purpose Vibration Meter

The VM-83 measures and evaluates vibrations using a piezoelectric accelerometer or a servo accelerometer LS-10C.

The VM-83 allows detection of problems related to vibration phenomena. When vibrations above a certain threshold level continues for more than a preset time, an alarm signal is output by the built-in comparator.

The VM-83 can detect various problematic condition of manufacturing equipment, ranging from low frequency vibrations caused by unbalance or misalignment to high frequency problems caused by bearing vibrations. The comparator function can be used for pass/fail evaluation based on vibration values.


  • Connectivity for various kinds of accelerometers enable a wide range of vibration measurements
  • Comparator function with level evaluation output
  • Versatile display characteristics including rms, equivalent peak, equivalent peak-to-peak
  • AC and DC output connectors
  • Serial interface for enhanced connectivity
  • Data printout capability via serial interface