A tri-Axis Vibration Meter with a Wide Range of Options

The Rion VM-56 is a ground-borne vibration meter capable of simultaneously calculating the measurement quantities defined by DIN 45669-1, ISO 8041 and other national measurement standards. It is suitable for a wide range of applications including attended measurements, unattended surveys and live-to-web monitoring.

The unit is equipped to measure multiple user defined comparator outputs on the x, y and z axes simultaneously.

  • Simultaneous PPV, VDV, Dominant Frequency & Displacement
  • Support for high capacity SD cards up to 32 GB (data output as CSV files, which can be handled by spreadsheet software like Excel)
  • 27 hours of measurement operation using internal batteries with long-term logging options available.
  • Dust and water proofing

Mounting Options

DIN Plate VP-54D DIN Plate VP-54D

L-bracket VP-54L L-bracket VP-54L

Optional Software/Functions

VX-56WR (Waveform Recording Program) Allows recording vibration waveforms on SD cards as WAV files. The recording process is carried out simultaneously with the standard VM-56 functions.

VX-56RT (1/3 Octave Real-time Analysis Program) Enables measurement and logging of 1/3 octave acceleration levels simultaneously with broadband parameters (e.g. PPV, dominant frequency, VDV, MTVV) The VX-55RT enables real time 1/3 octave band analysis. Can be used concurrently with VX-56WR. Saved analysis can be reloaded later for display.

AS-70GV (Waveform Analysis Software) The AS-70 allows the use of WAV files recorded with the VM-56 + VX-56WR to be used for graph display, level processing, frequency analysis (octave band analysis/FFT analysis), recalculation(PPV, KB, VDV), and file output.