Rion AS-70

Powerful Waveform Analysis Software

Rion's AS-70 Waveform Analysis Software uses WAVE format files from a wide range of meters and allows you to graphically display measurement data on your PC. The software is also capable of perform level processing, conduct frequency analysis (FFT analysis and octave band analysis), create reports, and playback recorded files.

  • Easy and precise operation
  • Simultaneous analysis of multiple files
  • Digital volume control
  • Save results in either .wav or text format

Supported Models

Wave files recorded with the following Rion products can be used with this software.

  • NX-42WR (Option for Rion NL series meters)
  • NX-28WR (Option for Rion NA-28)
  • SA-78WR (Option for Rion SA-78)
  • DA-20/40/21
  • VA-12

This software can also open general .wav format files (Sampling frequency and number of channels may provide some restrictions).

Applicable Standards

  • JIS C 1514 Class 1
  • IEC 61260 Class 1
  • ISO 7196