Rion UN & UV Series Multi-Channel Meters

A Flexible Multi-Channel Environmental Monitoring System

The UN and UV series multi-channel sound level and vibration monitoring system allows for up to 16 noise or vibration channels that are able to measure simultaneously.

Each unit has a backlit LCD display that shows settings, measurement values and a bar graph level indication. The UN and UV series meters are also rack-mountable to aid with long term and permanent installations.

UN-14 Sound Level Meter

The UN-14 unit measures sound level via the Rion 7-pin connector at the front of the unit or via the BNC connector at the rear of the device (connectible to CCLD/TEDS compliant microphone/preamplifier inputs)

The UN-14 sound level meter unit is capable of the following:

  • Frequency Weightings A, C and Z
  • Time Weightings Fast, Slow and 10ms
  • Dynamic Measurement Range of 30dB-128dB (A-Weighted)
  • Weighted AC and DC level output

UV-15 Vibration Meter

The UV-15 unit measures vibration via the microdot accelerometer connector at the front of the unit or via the 7-pin preamplifier connector (VP-26A) at the rear of the device.

The UV-15 vibration meter unit is capable of the following:

  • Display of RMS, EQ PEAK or EQ Peak-Peak Measurements
  • Measuring Vibration Acceleration, Velocity and Displacement
  • Three Sensitivity Ranges 0.100 to 0.999, 1.00 to 9.99, 10.0 to 99.9 mm/s²
  • Weighted AC and DC level output

UV-16 2-Channel Charge Amplifier

The UV-16 is a 2-channel charge amplifier that is compatible with the input of piezoelectric accelerometers and accelerometers with built-in preamplifier.

  • A multi-channel charge amplifier can be configured by coupling together a maximum of 16 units (32 channels).
  • Power: Optional AC adapter or Battery Unit (BP-17).

Optional Extras

UV-22 Interface Unit

The UV-22 is a PC control interface unit for use with the UN-14 and UV-15. The UV-22 provides a USb and Ethernet interface allowing any of the connected UN-14 or UV-15 meters to be controlled by the supplied UV-22Viewer software.

The UV-22Viewer software allows users to change settings on the UN-14 and UV-15 meters, edit high-pass and low-pass filter settings as well as check measurement results.

BP-17 Battery Unit

The BP-17 battery unit uses 8x C cell batteries and links up to 3 UN-14 and UV-15 units to provide power for up to 8 hours of operation.