NL Series -WR Option

Use any NL Series Meter with sound pressure waveform recording capability

The -WR option enables high resolution audio recording of up to 24bit audio at 48kHz. The audio recorded can be played back via a computer or can be used with Rion's audio waveform post processing software AS-70 for further analysis.

Sound pressure waveform information is stored on the memory card, there are two recording modes, called event mode and total mode.

Event mode

Event mode has three recording options: manual recording, level recording, and interval recording.

Manual recording

  • Allows recording the sound pressure waveform for any duration during auto store operation. This type of recording is suitable when the operator needs to control the recording function as necessary.

Level recording

  • The sound pressure waveform is recorded automatically when a selected level is exceeded. This type of recording is suitable when higher level sound information should be recorded.

Interval recording

  • Recording is carried out at selected intervals (10 minutes, 1 hour), for 15 seconds, 1 minute or 2 minutes. This type of recording is suitable for capturing environmental sound at specific intervals.

Total mode

  • In the auto store setting, all sound pressure waveform information is recorded as long as the mode is active. In the manual store setting, measurement followed by a store operation records the sound pressure waveform for the entire period while measurement is carried out.

The -EX option is required to be installed before the NX-42WR