Lime NLX MK2

New From Lime Technologies

The NLX MK2 is a venue Noise Limiter with fully automatic operation, heavy duty 32 Amp switching capability and built in fire alarm interface, door or windows contact connections.

The NLX MK2 Noise Limiter monitors the sound level of a venue via the microphone built in to the sound level display unit and will disconnect the power if the level exceeds the programmed upper sound level limit for a period of approximately 10 seconds.

" user intervention is required for operation..."

Mains power will remain disconnected for 10 seconds and then automatically reconnected; thus no user intervention is required for operation. The trigger level is adjustable and linear or bass frequency filter options are available. The trigger and reset time period can be altered if required.

Note that installing and connecting the Lime NLX Noise Limiter to mains power is only to be performed by a licensed electrician

Items Included with Purchase

  • 1x NLX MK2 Mains Unit
  • 1x NLX MK2 Display Unit
  • 1x Installation Instruction Manual