Noise Cloud

What SIM Card do I Need?

Due to extensive testing with multiple networks, ARL requires customers to use Telstra SIM cards with 3G/4G connectivity.

Noise Cloud not working

Try these steps to troubleshoot Ngara Noise Cloud Connectivity issues

  • If the modem is powered on, but only shows green on the "power" light after 2 minutes, then it cannot establish a network connection. The SIM card is not active, or the antenna may be faulty/not connected correctly. Power: Green, Signal: Green (Orange means poor reception; still okay), Service: Flashing Green. As long as the service is flashing green the unit has a data connection.
  • Check for any Noise Cloud (NC) errors on the Ngara scrolling status screen.
  • If there are no lights on the modem and your Ngara is running, check Noise Cloud has been started by selecting "5. Noise Cloud -> 52. Start". If Noise Cloud has already been started, then the "Start" option will not be available.
  • To confirm operation quickly for testing purposes, change the Upload Period to "Always ON". The Ngara will attempt to upload data every minute. This option is not recommended for long-term operation on battery-powered units. Make sure to set the Ngara back to at least "15min Uploads" if powered by a battery.
  • Stop the Noise Cloud session on the Ngara (5. Noise Cloud -> 53. Stop), this will force it to flush any buffered data, if an internet connection is made.
  • If there is a USB plugged in, check noisecloud.log (or the relevant log file if a USB session is being recorded). Note that we are able to provide support for ARL supplied and tested USBs.